Greyson Richey and Nicholas Lives

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Q1 2018

PC / Mac / Linux


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Lonely Astronaut is a one-button arcade game in which you pilot the corpse of a long-abandoned astronaut floating in a cosmic graveyard. In the process, you might find out something about the human condition. But probably not.


Lonely Astronaut started life as a simple Ludum Dare project made by developer Greyson Richey, with the theme "A Small World." The original project featured a small perpetually spinning astronaut, a jetpack, and asteroids to avoid, along with a simple score timer. Greyson later teamed up with artist/animator Nick Lives to turn it into a full-fledged product in the late summer of 2017. The game was retooled and rethemed to evoke a bleaker, Space Odyssey-like aesthetic and a darker sense of humor, with more in-depth arcade progression and stylings to go with it.


  • "Pilot a Corpse with a Single Button: With only the ability to thrust the Astronaut's body around with its malfunctioning jetpack, Lonely Astronaut is accessible but brutal."
  • "Discover Cosmic Truths: The wonders of space will reveal themselves to you as you play. If only you were alive to see these truths unfold."
  • "Unlock Cosmetics: Play dress-up with your corpse because that's healthy."
  • "Feel Existential Dread: A friendly reminder that you and I are all going to die someday, probably sooner than we'd like to think."


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  • "I don't know about you, but that's my money down."
    - Jody Macgregor, PCGamer

About Greyson Richey and Nicholas Lives

Boilerplate: Greyson Richey and Nicholas Lives are two indie developers who met in the local Utah Game Development community. Greyson has a background in web development, and Nick a background in animation and his prior indie title, "We Need To Go Deeper." Both of these dumbos want to make games and so they make games.